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Project Report

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Project Report


This is a chart reflecting upon the developments, contributions and changes that my project has gone through during this unit. (9.Apr.08-23.June.08).





Previous Project


Present Project










A situation that keep changing, especially two opposite things (MED)


This title means an interaction between human and computer.





Interaction (communication) between human and computer


Interaction (communication) between human and computer


Virtual communication with computer


The aim was not changed.

I concentrate the interaction and my artistic expression.





Using face recognition, simpler interaction, 1 monitor/computer



Using distance recognition, motion recognition, 1 monitor, 1 computer, 1 webcam



Using of the technology is still challengeable, but I succeed my goal, and created flexible interaction





In this project, the communication means interaction between human and computer. So spectator can feel difficulties and problems of communication with others through the interaction with machine.


In this project, the communication means interaction between human and computer.


I thought the computer seems like disable person. They can realize others and want to talk, but they can’t talk using their voice and language. So I tried to express their virtual voice using image through the monitor.





Essay, installation, film, and feedback


Artist statement, colloquium, final show, and feedback from spectators



This work will be exhibited in IT suite space.




Many Hardware/Software


1PC, 1Monitor, 1Webcam / Custom made software





Exhibition installation


Only using 1 PC


I felt many things during set-up week of final show. I am very proud that I worked by myself for our show.


My installation is quite simple. If I’d get a chance after, I’d like to exhibit more complex installation.



Only one thing, I felt at a loss without suitable PC for me. I spent lots of time to find PC and set up software. Andy did as well. This is only unsatisfied thing in this show.


Painting wall and cleaning work by ourselves were really unusual experiences. These were very hard, but I’m very proud.





This project only provides linear interaction between spectator and computer



This project only provides linear interaction between spectator and computer





Risk assessment


Image analysis and appropriate responses can be critical risk of this work



In my final version of program, there are no problems. Only I concern some spectators hit tripod and webcam.



I set mark on the floor for preventing accident by spectators. Also I attached, and tied every cable safely.




Almost completed project in Unit3



Almost same with timetable


However, I have a plan to revise some part according to spectator’s feedback after show.





Visual C++, Flash


Visual C++, OpenCV, OpenGL



I studied OpenCV for camera part of this project. This was excellent experience except Windows OS is really unstable.



Work output


Images, movies, and Sounds


Images, and movies

(I didn’t accept sound effects, because our show space is not suitable to the effects. I use the space with 5people, and there are noises as well. Voice recognition is very sensitive, and it’s already working in computer. I accepted Andy’s advice about that)



I thought my work output (of computer) is reflection of that.


I felt a lot of things in a reflection work. My work is reflection of a machine that I imagine.



Artist statement





It was very difficult for me. I searched many statements. But no one has similar situation with me.



Andy advised I can put my scientific research, so I tried. I hope the statement makes sense.





Movie (PPT) presentation with voice recording



I have tried hard to present my true work in this presentation. I felt I succeed only half of my expectation. But the chance was brilliant.






Communication between human and machine



Communication, and emotional reflection of computer, discovering of image language



I’m satisfied that I made a possibility of communication


Future Plan


Recognition of male, female and voice


Recognition of gender, voice, and specific action


I think if computer want to communicate with human more naturally, they’d understand body language.




The last word

This is a project report to summary of Unit 3’s every work, and conclusion. This unit is the last unit in this College, and also would be my last school experiences.

So I have concentrated how I can finish this experience perfectly, and how I can overcome my limitation which I have felt before about combination art and technology. This was a reason that I came to study in this College as well. In conclusion, I am very satisfied my previous time here. Past one year passed really fast.


I had four goals in Unit3. At first, I wanted to create more flexible interaction with emotional responses using programming languages which I didn’t use before like OpenCV. Fortunately, my project was implemented using the methods. Moreover, I have created various art works like images and movies for the project. The process was really hard, but definitely good time

Secondly, I tried to write best artist statement for me. My specific goal about the statement was that I can immediately submit to the galleries, or curators.

Next goal was blog reflection. I became to know the reflection’s importance and use in Unit 2. So I have considered to writing reflections very carefully according to the Jonathan’s direction (research). Finally, I recorded around ten reflections for Jonathan’s research. However, I am not sure that I am correct, or not. Especially, I was very confusing about image reflection, and movie reflection. I couldn’t see the specific reflections in other peer’s blogs. The blog research was a big challenge for me in this unit.

Final goal was a brilliant final show. Actually, I’d like to hire big screen, very fast PC, fine lighting, and silent space like every student. But I’m just satisfied now that I can show my work in this College. Because there are more important, and valuable things than big glamorous equipments. Those are cooperation, discussion, and spirit. The project has a little limitation to play because of PC’s spec. Now I just hope that I can get a chance to improve the project using other devices later.

I remained only one question through my past whole course period. That is a “Korean thing”. Andy always advised that I can (or should) use my cultural style (advantage). At first, I felt serious resistance about the opinion. Because I have disliked some artists or art works which appeal the cultural differences than their artistic value. I have always wanted to create universal idea can appeal to every person. However, now I think that I am creating Korean things by myself although even I realize that. Because I am a Korean.

I can’t know exactly what Korean thing is. But I can know if I can give good impression to others with my work, they would realize I and my work came from my country Korea.

Thank you so much indeed.

Da Young Ju


Written by dayoung Ju

June 20, 2008 at 10:32 pm

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