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This is a chart, reflecting upon the developments and changes that my project has gone through during this unit. (7.Jan.08-18.Mar.08).

I had three goals in Unit2. Firstly, the goal was a simpler project. I have definitely tried hard to make simple the project in this unit. So my project became much easier to read and understand that.

Secondly, I wanted to develop all my essays, and learn academic writing skill more. For the goal, I booked English tutorial in every week. In conclusion, my previous essays were clearly revised by me for this unit.

Final goal is an implementation of the project. My ideal project was too complicated for me. The simplified new project was much easier to implement than previous work. Now, I created very simple interaction between a spectator and a computer. (just recognize human, and then show image or play movie clip) There are still remains many problems, but I will be able to build the system robustly for Easter break. In next Unit, I will concentrate the outputs (response images of movie clips) and a design of an installation.

I am more concentrating “beautiful”, “artistic”, “sensitive”, and “sentimental” outputs of the interaction. I hope that I can make a creative something.   

All information about the revised project including technical and artistic results is in Project I – SeeSaw page, and others.

This blog is only made for unit2 and assessment.

Previous Project

Present Project








A situation that keep changing, especially two opposite things (MED)


This title means an interaction between human and computer.





How communication doesn’t work


Interaction (communication) between human and computer


The aim was slightly changed. I made this project much simpler.


So I concentrate the interaction.





Several ambitious things. Using AI technology. 4 monitors/computers


Using face recognition, simpler interaction, 1 monitor/computer



Using of the technology is still challengeable, but it can be possible before final show.





A complicated communication theory about ‘break down communication’ isolated person, problems in modern society.etc. Too many rationales.



In this project, the communication means interaction between human and computer. So spectator can feel difficulties and problems of communication with others through the interaction with machine



Much simpler theory, but still remains an important rationale about communication





Essay, installation, film, and feedback


Almost same. The result will be an installation.



If exhibition space is limited, the work can be presented as movie clip.





Many Hardware/Software


Almost same







Using Sensor, 4 PC and monitor


Only using 1 PC


I determined to create the work only by my customized programming.





Interval effect between 4 monitors, virtual human, network connection


Only 1 monitor, not virtual human and network connection.


This project only provides linear interaction between spectator and computer. I am interested in artistic, lively personality of the computer (output of response)



Risk assessment


Input image analysis, combination of computer and sensor…



Image analysis and appropriate responses can be critical risk of this work



Response selecting relies on created model by me. Very challengeable part




Almost completed project in Unit2



Little bit late, but can do that for Easter break


Almost similar process



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March 17, 2008 at 4:20 pm

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