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Project III – The Route

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Keywords: digital arts, interactivity, video installation, bus, map

Part I. on the road – a record of London as a passenger

Part II. Map of London bus

1. Introduction The Route is a participative and interactive video installation artwork. The art work consists of two parts: “on the road – a record of London as a passenger”, and “map of London bus”. The Route is aiming for re-creation from the point of view of a passenger who took a real bus. This passenger is especially alone. He/she (this passenger) takes a bus, and then looks outside through a window every day. The bus goes somewhere according to its own route. The passenger can get on or off the bus, but he/she cannot determine his/her own route. His/her own route is determined by the bus route in each board. They cannot change the fate. In our life, we have many chances to choose a direction. However, after the choice, we don’t know exactly what life will be there. We can speculate about the route of our life, but cannot say what awaits us there.

2. Motivation The original idea of this project was derived from my experiences as a foreigner, traveler, or stranger in London. I arrived at London in August 2007 to study, so I urgently looked for a flat to live. In conclusion, I have lived on the boundary of South Kensington (Kensington and Chelsea borough) since September. My flat is good and this area is highly nice to live except for the expense, but there were a variety of problems that cannot be ignored. In this area, I have to ignore some persons who are afraid that I take a seat besides him/her. Moreover, most people are convinced that I am a cleaner, house-keeper, or nanny because of my race. In most cases, I felt various emotions like sadness, unpleasantness, absurdity, or disdain. However, I knew that even my strange face or South Korean accent can draw unwelcome attention for them. I was a stranger, third person, and observer at the same time. I think my situation in London is very similar with a passenger’s situation on a bus route. Moreover, I think our life is always determined by us and other unexpected power. So I have embarked on an ambitious project of re-creation through a bus route of London.

3. Methodologies The installation uses three large projections to explore bus route, and outside scene. The art work consists of three screens. They are representative of each outside view (forefront, left side, and right side). I took a plenty of films for six months for this work. The films consisted of morning, afternoon, and night. Moreover, the weather is also variety kinds of sunny, windy, and rainy. The films were also taken very close to the pavement. So spectators can feel emotion and loneliness. The screens are located to be like the inside of a bus, and the spectator is inner space like the bus passenger. The films which are screened as art work are composed and edited in advance by the artist.

4. Conclusion A specific space like my area can be the reason for specific experiences. In other words, I found that London has separated regions according to a compass direction, and also separated bus routes according to the regions. There are separated situations and emotions. So I, as an alien in London can feel every emotion and scene of life from a sight and atmosphere both inside and outside of the bus. I would like to create an art work that can give an experience suggesting life to the spectator. I hope that even Londoners accustomed to the scenery and atmosphere of London can look back on their life through their selves from this art work.



Written by dayoung Ju

March 16, 2008 at 3:03 pm

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