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Project II – Hello:안녕[annyoung:]

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Keywords: digital arts, video installation, conversation, language, isolation

1. Introduction

The project “Hello:안녕[annyoung:] – say something” is a spin off version of project I (SeeSaw: What communication works-between human and computer). This is a video installation artwork. “안녕[annyoung:]” of the title “Hello:안녕[annyoung:]” which is a Korean greeting which meaning “hello”. I conducted a short interview with many foreign people coming to London from their country. The interviews were started in September 2007. In the interview, I made a request for them to say their name, country, and greeting in their native language. The interview films were taken directly by handy cam. The camera only focused on their face below eye level, so the people in the film became anonymous, although they said their name and country. In this project, I am aiming for a re-creation of a dialog without answers. Anonymities in that film only say what they want (name, country, and greeting). They also speak in their native language, so nobody can understand and answer the speech. This video installation project aims for the representation of “self-righteousness”, “Self isolation”, and “the breakdown in communication” one of the ills of contemporary society.

An original idea of this project was derived from my experiences in South Korea, and other countries. This idea has abided in my note, because my country South Korea is the unitary nation, although I need a sample of interviews from many different language and countries. Actually, I had to travel round the world to achieve my goal. However, when I arrived at Heathrow airport, I realized that dreams come true. London is a real cosmopolitan city, and the city gave a chance to me.

2. Installation

This project presents a linear conversation of modern society. Installation of this project will be also linear to spectators. I hope that spectators can feel solitude or un-satisfaction instead from this work. The installation uses two monitors and two large projections to show the conversation. The art work consisted of two screens.


Written by dayoung Ju

March 16, 2008 at 2:28 pm

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