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Sep.07-present    M.A. candidate in digital arts, University of the Arts London, London, UK

Sep.02-Aug.07    Ph.D. in computer vision & HCI, Sogang University, Seoul, South Korea

Feb.00-Aug.02       M.S., in computer graphics & animation, Sogang University, Seoul, South Korea

Mar.97-Aug.99      BFA in visual communication design, Hongik University, Seoul, South Korea

Mar.95-Feb.99      BFA in Painting, Hongik University, Seoul, South Korea


Feb.01-Aug.07      Vision graphics lab. (vglab.sogang.ac.kr), Seoul, South Korea: Researcher

Mar.06- Aug.07     Culture technology institute (www.kocca.kr): Researcher

Sep.04-Sep.05      Cube Agora (www.cubeagora.com): Design Supervisor

Mar.03-Sep.05      Houman Inc. (www.houman.co.kr): Design Supervisor

Feb.01-Sep.05      NjoyPlus Inc. (www.njoyplus.com): Design Supervisor

Sep.00Sep.01      Imagia Cinema webzine Inc. (www.Imagia.co.kr): The Writing Staff

Aug.00Jan.01       MBC: Cyber Sitcom Project (www.imbc.com): Story boarder & character designer

Mar.00-Feb.01       Electronic Book illustration and design for handicap children: Illustrator

Feb.00-Jan.01       Computer graphics lab (medialab.sogang.ac.kr): Researcher

Aug.99-Dec.99      TV Series Animation Studio (www.daiwoncna.com): Animator

Aug.98Jan.99       GUI Design for Web Agency: Designer

Feb.98-Feb.02       Hysys ltd. (www.hysys-kr.co.kr): Design supervisor

Sep.97Oct.99        POPUP MEDIART Inc. (www.popupmediart.co.kr): Designer

July.96-Sep.97       TWO-Dimensional Studio: Animator

June.95-Sep.96     Wall Painting: Painter

Mar.95Dec.00        Art Institute Teacher: Teaching dessing, water colour painting


CGIV05 International Conference (Online Gallery), Aug.05, Beijing, China                                 

IV05 International Conference (Online Gallery), July.05, London, UK                                  

ICAT04 International Conference (accepted), Nov.04, Seoul, South Korea

Siggraph2002 sketch & applications, Aug.02, San Antonio, USA                                

HCI conference, Feb.02, Kangwondo, South Korea                                

Performance for Mob Psychology in Street, June.00, Seoul, South Korea

Graduate Work of Visual Communication Design, Nov.99, Seoul, South Korea                                  

Performance for a View of Woman, June.99, Seoul, South Korea                                

Graduate Work of Painting, Feb.99, Seoul, South Korea                                

WoW Media Image Festival, Dec.98, Seoul, South Korea


Software Skill 

[Full] Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Quark-Express, Adobe Premiere, Meta Creations Painter, Adobe After Effect , Macromedia Flash, AutoCAD, Microsoft Office

[Intermediate] Microsoft Visual C++, The MathWorks Matlab, Adobe Golive, Macromedia dreamweaver, Discreet Edit, Discreet 3ds Max , Discreet Combustion , Fontographer

[Basic] Discreet Character Studio, Alias Maya, SoftImage soft image, Avid avid, Vicon Film box, Famous, Processing, MAX/MSP

Language Skill

Fluency in Korean, Intermediate in English, and working knowledge of Japanese.

License of Art Education, Department of Education, in Hong-ik University.(Secondary School Teacher Certificate)/Feb.2000


Mar.01-Aug.07        2nd violin player (Sogang University orchestra), Seoul, South Korea

Mar.00-June.01      AT seminar (media art group), Seoul, South Korea

Sep.98-Dec.99       VISAMO (a society for art and animation in video), Seoul, South Korea

Mar.95-June.01      ARETE (a society for the research of culture), Seoul, South Korea

Mar.85-Feb.95        Squad leader (continuously for 10 years), Inchon, South Korea

Mar.84-Dec.88        Gymnastic player, Inchon, South Korea



A scholarship student under the sponsorship “The Jo-Jun foundation”, 07-08

A scholarship student under the sponsorship of vision graphics lab, 07-08

Winner of completion for study by inspection of conference in USA, Aug.04

Government grant for presentation by inspection of conference in USA, Aug.02

Winner of completion for the long-time training aboard, 2001

Winner of completion for study by inspection of conference in USA, July.00-Aug.00

A full scholarship student in graduate school, Sogang University, Mar.00-Aug.05

A scholarship student under the sponsorship “The Jo-Jun foundation”, 97-00

A full scholarship student in Hong-ik University, 1996

Honorary student prize: graduated cum laude from high school, Feb.95

Winning two good poem awards by the literary magazine ‘Dokseo GangJang’, 93-94

Honorary student prize: graduated summa cum laude of the middle school, 1992

The very best prize, sketch contest, sponsored by the Korea art association, May.92

– Printed on a schoolbook of middle school

Gold prize, composition contest for reunification, sponsored by president of South Korea, Sep.88

– Printed on a schoolbook of elementary school


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